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What is PowerFlow™

PowerFlow is an ultra-quiet, ultra-smooth, ultra-powerful marine exhaust system for all yachts, powerboats, launches, cruisers and ferries with inboard engines.

  • marine exhausts (waterlocks)
  • exhaust water separators
  • marine tube and bends
  • exhaust under-water foils


Complete systems may combine any or all of these elements.


How does the PowerFlow™ System Work?

PowerFlowworks by capturing the exhaust gases, after being mixed with water at the manifold area, then passingthe mixture into the uniquely designed PowerFlow waterlock. The mixture is then forced to a height conveniently above the waterline for discharge overboard at the rear of the boat.


How Long Does PowerFlow™ Take to Install?

Although PowerFlow installation is easy, it typically takes up to 10 hours to properly fit PowerFlowto a standard engine.


Can I Install PowerFlow™ Myself

For best results and longer engine life, PowerFlowshould only be installed by a qualified marine engineer or one of our specialist fitters.

What is the Life-Expectancy of PowerFlow™?

Properly installed and maintained, PowerFlowwill last as long as the boat itself.


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